Frequesntly Asked Questions About My Work


Q. You call yourself "One Time Designs" but I see similar types of pieces, why?

A. The patterns/templates might be the same, but each piece has it's own different wood species and layout, and will have even a minor change in the shape/detail, so will be a one time design.

Q. Where do you get your patterns/templates?

A. In the beginning I bought a couple from well known woodworking sites, but I find the selection is very limited, or too small to really be functional, So, I now make all my patterns/templates by hand.

Q. Do you use a cnc machine or automated machining to create these patterns/pieces?

A. No, everything is done "by hand" I use a drill press, a bandsaw, an orbital sander, and also sand by hand, to create each and every piece. There might be a CNC system in the future if I branch out into more intricate carvings/patterns.


Q. What kind of wood do you use?

A. I use a wide range of Exotic woods; Padauk, Bloodwood, Sapele, Wenge, American Walnut, Purple Heart, Birdseye maple, Splated Maple, etc., See my “About” page for a complete listing of woods I use on a regular basis. If you want something special and it's available, I will get and use any species of wood.

Q. Do you only use exotic woods?

A. Primarily, yes. Woods run in design trends, and I feel there's enough Maple, Oak, Birch, etc. available. I want my pieces to be one of a kind conversation pieces, yet fully functional. I like working with woods that you don't see in the stores every day.

Q. If I want a pattern made with a "standard" wood, would you do it?

A. Yes, I'll work with anything a customer wants, email sales@one-time-designs.net with pattern # and wood species desired and I'll send a quote.

Q. I've already purchased a piece from you, will you duplicate the style in another pattern?

A. No, I will not make any duplicates, tell me pattern #, or your previous order number, and I'll make another piece that is similar in design/layout, but with minor differences so they compliment each other.


Q. What kind of finish do you use?

A. I predominantly use a food safe finish on all pieces, I've tried and tested many combinations for over 2 years, and have created my own blend. Some will include Walnut Oils and Walnut Waxes, but are not an issue for people with nut allergies , (the allergy compound is removed when making the oil thru a heating process). If it's a wall/hanging piece, then I use a water based Satin Polyeurethane (glossy finishes can be done on request)

Q. Do Glossy finishes cost more?

A. Yes, there is a minor additional charge as there's more work to ensure a perfect glossy finish.

Q. How many coats of finish do you use?

A. The amount and number of coats depends on how well wood accepts the finish, if more coats are needed, then I apply more coats until I am satisfied. There is no extra charge for any extra coats needed, I add as many as needed for piece to look perfect. NO Piece will be delivered or considered finished until I am happy with the finish/look!

Q. Do you have a preference on the finishes?

A. Yes, I prefer my custom blend, as it highlights the natural beauty of the wood itself, it's grain patterns, and it's completely Food Safe.

Q. Are these finishes dishwasher safe?

A. No ! The heat, and the saturation of water will affect the finish, in time causing it to “orange peel”, blister, and fall off. Any cleaning needing to be done needs to be hand washed and dried, this will enable the finish to last for years. Plus, I include a small bottle of finish that you can re-apply when necessary, just wipe it on, let it set for 30 minutes, and then buff it off, included bottle should last a lifetime.

Q. Do you use stains for color?

A. As a rule, No, I let the woods and grains highlight/complement themselves. On some pieces, I will use a tint/dye (penetrates better than stains), to obtain a color not readily available in raw woods.

Q. What kind of tints/dyes do you use?

A. I personally like Chestnut® Dyes as my 1st choice, otherwise I use TransTint® Dyes.


Q. Your prices seem to be lower than most other wood turners?

A. All prices are dependent on my wood costs, but I like to keep them low enough so every one can enjoy a nice looking piece. Since I use primarily exotic woods, they are more expensive per board foot, so some of the pricing will be higher and more variable.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes, at check out you'll have the option to pay with either credit cards, or through Paypal.

Q. Do you accept personal checks?

A. Yes, I accept checks or money orders, but piece will not be started on (if new design), or shipped (if existing stock) until check/money order has cleared at the bank. If it's a new design, then a 50% down payment is mandatory (non refundable), and piece will be started once funds have cleared at receiving bank.

Custom Orders:

Q. Do you accept custom orders?

A. Yes, I will make anything you want, just send an email to sales@one-time-designs.net with pattern idea, rough sizes desired, and wood species desired, and I work up a quote. I will also layout the design in pencil (the Shape, not necessarily the wood layout), and I'll send you a picture for final approval (before cut-out of pattern/template)

Q. Do you charge extra for designing custom patterns?

A. If it is a more complicated pattern, then yes, there will be a small design fee.

Q. How much is the design fee if I don't want the pattern used again?

A. If it's not too complicated, basic fee is $40, more complicated designs will be a little higher. All prices will be pre-approved before work/design stage begins.